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Longboards by Fatboy Inc. is a custom skateboard company specializing in exotic wood and bamboo longboards and slalom boards. We offer decks made to customer specs available alone or with suitable components. We offer the best of today's equipment for both cruising and racing from Tracker, Randal, Seismic, Revenge, Original, Splitfire, Radikal, Khiro, ABEC11, 3DM, Kryptonics, and others. If we don't stock it, chances are we can get it for you.

As far as dimensions and wood choices for the boards - the sky's the limit! We stock a large variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods as well as bamboo. Our decks feature vertical lamination for strength and durability. We engineer each deck to each rider with the suitable flex or stiffness they desire according to their height, weight, and riding style.

Shapes? You tell us! We've worked with detailed CAD drawings as well as tracings and notes written on a napkin - we'll make it happen. No idea is too out there, but we WILL make suggestions if your idea isn't structurally sound. And hey, if you hate it - we'll take it back, but it hasn't happened yet!