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Longboards by Fatboy was Incorporated in 1998, but it’s history goes back much further. The roots of the company date back to the mid-70’s. That’s when the first “Fatboy” deck was made – a Logan Earth Ski copy courtesy of Nick, our Dad.


Twenty some odd years and hundreds of boards later – here we are!


Back in the late 80’s and into the 90’s, the choice of longboard decks was very limited. Most of them were just stretched out shortboards that were waaaaaay too flexy and had no style. Our illustrious team of shapers – Fatboy, Scooter, and Big Tuna – wanted something new and original. They came up with a series of functional designs and shapes and created some prototypes from solid oak. These were put to the test for several months and of course, refinements were made in shape and wheelbase. From there, the focus shifted to different woods and construction techniques. Soon, we had a “line” of  boards of different lengths, widths, and shapes. Someone suggested, “Hey, you outta try sellin’ those things!”  So Fatboy and Sassy (our bookkeeper extraordinaire and Office Manager!) loaded up the car and knocked on doors of surf shops at the Jersey Shore. To their surprise, the response was great, boards were sold (Sassy rules!), and we were on our way!

From there, even more R&D was done, refinements were made in construction and finish, and we moved on from just decks to complete boards as well. We expanded our wood choices from basics such as Oak, Ash, and Maple to include exotics such as Purpleheart, Walnut, Padauk, Wenge, Cocobolo, Koa, Leopardwood, and others as well as a new material for skateboards  – bamboo! A new selling avenue was presented in the Internet – enter Curbhowler, our superb webmaster. He set up our first website, and soon we were Worldwide! Our decks have been shipped all over the USA, Canada, South America, Finland, Great Britain, and Asia. Seems as though there are people everywhere looking for upscale quality skateboards!

Craig - the Curbhowler himself!


Now we move onto our newest venture – slalom boards! This development traces it’s roots to the infamous Joe “Thunder Monkey” Iacovelli (Rush Chairman!), who introduced us as well as hundreds of others to the exciting world of slalom racing. Joe has been instrumental in the design and development of our current crop of slalom-specific boards, as well as hand picking the members of our Internationally envied “Team Fatboy” racing team. If you’re ever at a race and wondering where the Team Fatboy riders are……….check the Podium!!


Which brings us to today and the future. We’ve already outgrown our first facility and moved into a different shop a few years ago. We’ve gone from solid, single wood decks to multiwood construction and we’ve expanded our bamboo line to horizontal as well as vertical laminates. Looking towards the future, we’re already expanding our slalom line, we’ve begun looking into Space Age materials like carbon fibre, and we’re all geared up to increase our racing involvement. Who know’s, maybe one day there will be a Jersey stop on the racing circuit!

The braintrust of Longboards by Fatboy Inc. - Fatty and Sassy.           Farm Race 2007