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Here's a selection of photos of folks that are near and dear to the Fatboy heart!

Jack Lenosky rockin' the Fatboy colors!

Seb and Emilie, Pride of Canada!!!

Concrete Wave's M. Brooke Esq.

Fatty and Sassy

Matt and Frankie chillin' in Slayerville!

Geezer-X, the mad scientist of skate trucks. If you come across a set of Geezered trucks, buy 'em - the difference from stock is amazing! And on top of all that, Eric's a great guy and SO f$%&*in' knowledgeable about all things mechanical.

The one and only Noah! This was moments before we "broke" him and suffered the wrath of the entire slalom community.

Fullbag Skates - Danilo & Mig

Finner O from Rockets Red Glare. This man single-handedly ruined my knees making me try jumpramp-to-wall skating in the late 80's.

Texas Eddy Martinez & Rob Sydia from Canuckistan

Mike Cividino and Chris Barrett - just happy to be Canadian!

One of the nicest guys in the world with three wheels out - Dr Dan at your service!

MC Hammerhead - Marion Karr

Slalom Champ Jason Mitchell and amazing Dominik Kowalski, Pavel rider from Germany. Great story - so within 10 minutes of arriving in Statesville NC for the Dixie Cup, Iacovelli has us piling into cars and going to the local thrift store to get velvet paintings to dress up his hotel room. It's the usual suspects from Jersey and Canada and this one kinda quiet guy. Hilarity ensues at the thrift store as would be expected. So I hear this quiet guy talking to one of the Canucks and I notice a German accent. So I'm thinkin' - crap! this poor guy is probably visiting from Europe, knows no one and somehow gets kidnapped into our stupidity and doesn't even know what happened! But he hangs with us and I see him back at Cafe Iacovelli enjoying himself. Next day I see the "poor German kid that got stuck with the degenerates" and come to find out that he totally rips! He was tearing up the course and is a force to be reckoned with. Plus, he's nuts and can hang with the best of us - I don't even have to mention that he raced in his aerodynamic underwear on the GS hill, a hill I didn't even have the stones to ride down! Oh, and who could forget Jason doin' slappies in the hotel parking lot for hours, or his mosh pit performance?

The Immortal Keith Hollien - Team Radikal and Team Glock!

Marty Schaub - OG skater, G&S Team racer, all-around swell guy! Not just the little kid in the picture looks up to Marty like that - everyone does!!

Mark from Mile High Skates - buy your gear from him, tell him Fatboy sent ya'! You won't get a better deal or anything - in fact he'll probably rub his junk on your stuff!

Patrick Switzer, if you're North of the Border - check out his online store Longboard Haven. He's winning over new customers one at a time - like this charming one!

Two great tastes that taste great together - Texas Eddy and Molto Mig!

Joe & O. 

Iacovelli fronting Rockets Red Glare

photo by Julie Boulanger