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Newest Team Fatboy member and now it's flagship racer - the lovely Juliana Iacovelli enjoying her first place trophy and cash in her FIRST RACE EVER!!

Fatboy's as collectables? Guess so!                 Fifth board from the left on the top row - Signed Mothershucker deck amongst a sweet collection of Dogtown/Bulldog/SMA boards!   That's a great representation of all things Dogtown

Here's the face of the future - Riley, with his winnings, a Fatboy longboard.

Here's another future Fatboy Team Racer from Antrim

Yup - Team Fatboy was ALL over the podium at the recent Farm Race in scenic Vista, NY.

Dr Dan reels in 3rd place in the "C" Group - the REAL skaters!

Team Captain Joe I gets 1st place, and some fat dork gets 2nd. TOTAL DOMINATION of "C" class!

photos by Julie Boulanger

Oh - did I leave out that the Big Tuna took 4th place? In his first race ever! Yeah, we pretty much rule! Oh and that's the pretty girl who takes all of the swell pictures - Julie Boulanger, Team Fullbag

photo by Danilo

Here's the "B" Class winners - Patrick "Furtrapper" Switzer reppin' Fatboy and Longboard Haven rocks a 3rd; Rob Sydia reppin' Fatboy and Fullbag takes 2nd; and everyone's favorite hugmonkey, Danilo from Fullbag tops it off in 1st place! These guys are practically pros at this point! Well done, boyz

photo by Julie Boulanger

Pride of Jersey, Noah Heinle - 3rd place GS

BIG thanks to everyone who came out to this benefit show! We raised THOUSANDS of dollars for these girls - sorely needed dollars! Thanks again!

Mmmmmm..... Click on photo.......

Dixie Cup '07                                       "B" Class: 2nd - Ant Pistono. 3rd - Ty Hager.              "C" Class: 1st -  Scooter. 3rd - Fatboy

Team Fatty at the Dixie: Scooter, Texas Eddy, Fatty, Wentzle, Ant, and Ty down low

Our latest in the Fatboy Signature Series - the Texas Eddy* deck!! Yeah, you CHECK out those pompoms!!!

* umm......Eddy doesn't really ride a Fatboy or anything - it's just a Tribute deck.

Z Boy buddies up with F Boy! 

    Yup, Wentzle Ruml IV, reknown Zephyr Boy and Oscar nominated movie star (okay, maybe not Oscar – but he did rule in that flick!) will be riding a Fatboy slalom deck this season in his pursuit of Podiums and Pie!  He will be on a custom design WRIV  Mothershucker deck featuring bamboo with exotic hardwood stringers. There is also talk of an autographed Limited Edition run of Wentzle approved decks. The entire Fatboy staff and Team are stoked to say the least! Can you smell what Fatboy’s cookin’?

Here's some pictures of the Mothershucker deck: