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Team Fatboy MVP, Senator Wentzle Ruml IV wants YOU to join the team!

At THE best birthday party EVER! Wentzle Ruml IV and the immortal Mr Surly

photo by Julie Boulanger

Team Fatboy - Jersey Local 101. Clockwise: Fatty, Destiny, National Finner Onassis, Big Tuna, Lil Tuna, Sassy

photo by Julie Boulanger

Team Fatboy invades J-town! Lil Tuna, Nicky, Ian, Joe, Wentzle, Big Tuna

Farm 7.0 in Bethel CT

photo by Leo Ojeda

photo by Leo Ojeda

They say the neon lights are bright.....on Broadway. Who cares? Team Fatboy RULES!!!!!!!!

photo by Farid A Abraham

remind me to wash that deck that Ty is teabaggin'

Migzilla and Team Captain Joe

Team Fatboy "saluting" our allies from the Great White North!

Scooterpalooza 2006

and now Canada hates us too!

Welcome to Jersey

Sister Mary Hubba Hubba

The lovely Molly Deming showing her badges of honor

Quite possibly the coolest kid on the planet - Nicky

Team Capitan Joe Iacovelli and some fat boat anchor - Kings of Katamaran

The Texas Outlaws - Zach, Eddy, and Gumby

photo by Leo Ojeda

World reknown photographer Leo Ojeda and our l'il Squishy

photo by Leo Ojeda

Nicky - Team Manager in Training and Mountain Dew junkie!

photo by Noah Heinle

Okay, so OCAISSIONALLY we actually TRY to win - as demonstrated by Ant Pistono (L) and Tway (R). This picture rocks, don't it?

photo by Noah Heinle

Scooter - can you believe this dope is STILL skating with me after 30 years?

photo by Noah Heinle

Okay, so I'm not narcissistic like Barrett, but I do look pretty cool in this shot - no?

photo by Noah Heinle